I have been getting some questions about who was my favorite character in Salvation in the Sun. So, here is my answer in a true Behind the Scenes moment!

My Favorite Character is KIYA!

The most loyal friend, pure and innocent until the end.

Assumed to be the historical Mitanni bride named Tadukhipa and given the pet name 'Kiya' by Akhenaten, this young woman struck a cord of admiration in me. So much so, I wrote her origin story as an offshoot prequel to Salvation in the Sun which then prompted the entire prequel collection! 

I needed to answer the questions about her character: What made her be so loyal? Why was she so desperate for friendship? Why did she find solace in painting?

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To unlock the bonus ending follow the link and enter the password: ATINUK! 
There are spoilers in the bonus ending if you have not read Salvation in the Sun.

Here are some other behind the scenes tidbits of Salvation in the Sun (for a full detailed look of what really happened or what we know happened during this time period and more cool facts about Ancient Egypt, read the A Look into the Past section at the end of each book of the series):

  • Aitye is a fictional character. Aitye means 'Gift' and has origins from Arabia. 
  • Nefertiti's mother is unknown. Temehu is a name I gave her. Temehu is actually what the Ancient Egyptians called the Libyans. There is speculation Nefertiti was not 100% Egyptian, so this is the inspiration behind Nefertiti's mother's name.
  • Malkata was the gigantic palace of King Amenhotep III and was the largest known palace of any ancient King and even included a lake!
  • Jabari is another fictional character in Salvation in the Sun. I liked his name because the meaning of the name Jabari is 'Brave'. Originally, General Paaten was General Jabari in my rough draft, but I decided to use the real general instead - to better keep with history, of course.
  • General Paaten is actually Paatenemheb ("The Aten is in festival") who was commander in chief of the army of Akhenaten. He is sometimes liked to the same person as Horemheb.
  • Neferneferuaten Tasherit, the fourth daughter of Nefertiti was named after Nefertiti herself! Tasherit means 'the younger' or in today's terms ' junior'.

Additionally to get some more insight on the characters, family tree, map of the region,  why I chose to end Book I were I did, my decisions behind the cover design and more, check out the Reader's Guide to Salvation in the Sun.

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BEHIND THE SCENES: Salvation in the Sun