Lauren is an ancient family saga fiction author who loves to dive into history and find overlooked, under-appreciated and relatively unknown tidbits of our past and craft engaging stories for her readers with characters who love and lose, fight wrong with right, and hope in times of despair.

​If you like page-turning dramatic plots, simple style and dialogue, stories that evoke strong emotions, well-researched historical settings, and characters with genuine, relatable feelings, a majority of Lauren's reader reviews say you will like her books.

Lauren writes multi-genre fiction stories that combine the historical, drama, and family saga genres and contain elements of coming of age, women's fiction, and/or romance.

  • Historical focuses on real people or events set in a historical time period often with varying degrees of fictionalized/dramatized elements.
  • Drama focuses on character, character feelings, and attitudes toward interpersonal relationships and conflicts at crucial points in the characters' lives as they go through significant emotional themes of life. Most have tragic, painful or bittersweet main plot points and/or resolutions.
  • Family saga chronicles a family/connected families over a period of years or generations and usually contains many of the same elements of the drama genre.
  • Coming of age focuses on the protagonist's growth from youth to adulthood.
  • Women's fiction focuses on a central female character and her emotions as she transforms into a better version of herself after overcoming life's obstacles which are sometimes tragic.
  • Romance focuses on a romantic duo who always end up happy and together; usually no one dies or is seriously injured in the story.

Although Lauren strives to paint an accurate picture of historical events, details and people, she will obey the demands of story and drama first. She is not a historian, an Egyptologist, or an archaeologist and has never made claims to be. She is a novelist and loves history, researching, and creative writing. Her stories are dramatized fiction based on facts and theories unless Lauren's inner storyteller dictated they be different. Please do not blend the professions.

To help the reader delineate between historical fact and fiction, she includes A Look into the Past section in the back of her books with a summary of her research as it relates to the story. The information she uses to write this section is considered Common Knowledge (many sources saying the same thing or found in an encyclopedia) or are her own assumptions about the subject matter; no citations are needed. This section is not all encompassing and not meant to act as an authoritative paper. She includes this section in the back of each book because she likes to read what actually happened after reading a historical fiction novel. In addition, she enjoys writing it for her readers in the hopes of sparking the same passion of history she has.

Lauren resides with her husband, Mark, and kids in Texas. They just welcomed a new little one in the summer of 2020. 

If you want to get to know Lauren a little bit more, check out her personal blog, A Dash of Lauren. She is also the administrator of the Amazon Book Club for Lovers of Ancient Historical Fiction. Join here or click the link in the Reader Extras menu above. Membership is free and available to any Amazon account holder.

​Lauren writes under an author imprint, LLMBooks Publishing, which is her author and publishing company for all of her books.

A note from the author: Hello readers! I love content advisories on movies I watch for myself and my family and for when I make recommendations. There is no current industry rating standard for books. So, with that being said, a majority of my books contain violence and what I would consider adult themes and/or scenes; however, I do not write explicit sex scenes nor do I write with language deemed offensive or mature in the United States. Additionally, I do not recommend the majority of my books for readers under the age of 13 unless with parental or legal guardian guidance and permission. Thank you!