I always get questions about how I choose the names for my characters.​

So, here are my answers in a true Behind the Scenes moment!

Naming Characters

For the fictional characters, Azti, Zolin, Tomantzin, Meztli, etc. in Blood of Toma, I went to several websites like www.BehindtheName.com and www.MexicaTribe.com and did a blanket search on names with a certain ethnic origin, so in this case, Aztec or Nahuatl. Nahuatl is the name of the language the Aztecs spoke. I found names ending with the "tzin" (pronounced simpleton style "seen") meant they were honored names signifying  fondness, respect, or reverence but could mean a parent or an original if speaking about places instead of people.

  • FUN FACT: During this search I also found that the Aztecs did not refer to themselves as the Aztecs but rather as the Mexica during this time period - The name Mexica actually came out of a civil war a few centuries before the Conquistadors arrived. They called themselves the Aztecs (people from Aztlan) until the civil war sometime in the 1300/1400s.  Mexica means "sons of Mexi" or Huitzilopochtli (the sun god, god of war).

I scrolled through countless names looking at meanings and names after certain gods/goddesses. I had an idea of the name of the book - Blood of Someone - and I wanted the name for the main character to flow with it. I found Tonantzin which was a male name after the Mother Goddess Earth and should only be used as a last name. (Author Confession: I really liked that name so I changed the "n" to a "m" and hoped it would pass for a female name.) The name Tomantzin was too long for the title but I loved her (his) name meant Honored Mother since the character was the New Fire Sacrifice (Author Confession: which was also usually a man not a woman). I gave Tomantzin the nickname Toma and presto! Blood of Toma became the title and Toma was the name her loved ones called her.

  • FUN FACT: Here are some guides for pronunciation: 
    • "...TL" at the end of a word - the "L" is silent
    • "HU" - sounds like a "W"
    • "LL" - sounds like the English "LL"
    • "X" - sounds like "SH"

For the Conquistadors, I searched for names with origins in Spain. For Arrio's name, I knew I wanted it to have the lovely rolled "r" sound, and so I narrowed it down to names containing the double "r" and finally picked Arrio. I liked the way it rolled off the tongue :)

For the real historical figures during the time period such as Ixtlilxochitl II, Moctezuma/Montezuma II, Chaucomauc, Cacama(tzin) and Hernan Cortes, I simply googled their names and all the different spellings and picked one I liked with the exception of Chaucomauc - his real name was Tetlepanquetzal. I had no idea how to pronounce that name and could not find a pronunciation guide for that name, so I went with Chaucomauc instead which is a variation of the name of the temporary king, Cuauhtemoc. Cuauhtemoc stepped up when Moctezuma II was killed and ruled until 1521 when the Conquistadors finally overthrew Tenochtitlan.

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