This future she knows for certain—the great sun city will be her undoing.

Amidst a power struggle between Pharaoh and the priesthood of Amun, Queen Nefertiti helps the ill-prepared new Pharaoh, Amenhotep, enact his father's plan to regain power for the throne. But what seemed a difficult task only becomes more grueling when Amenhotep loses himself in his radical obsessions.

Standing alone to bear the burden of a failing country and stem the tide of a growing rebellion, Nefertiti must choose between her love for Pharaoh and her duty to Egypt in this dramatic retelling of a story forgotten by time.

The author rated this book for ages 13+ for violence and adult themes.


"If you're a fan of all things ancient Egyptian, from Nefertiti's bust to King Tut's tomb, this book is for you...Merewether provides a very believable construction of the family relationships and the political and religious happenings during Nefertiti's childhood, her marriage as a teenager, and the many years she sat beside her husband, and at times in place of him, on the throne of a very large and powerful empire." - Readers' Favorite

"Lauren Lee Merewether draws us in with astounding characterization, a mesmerizing storyline, and beautifully crafted detailing that transcends beyond the printed word...a masterpiece recreation of the life and world surrounding Nefertiti that will thrill and amaze any reader!" - RedHeadedBookLover Blog

    A Mad Pharaoh,

A Resourceful Queen,

      A Failing Country,

One Epic Struggle for Power

#1 Best Seller in History of Egypt

Book One of The Lost Pharaoh Chronicles Series

Publisher: LLMBooks Publishing
Published: May 2018
ISBN-10: 1523205881
ISBN-13: 978-1523205882
ASIN: B07D283MS8
Genre: Historical Fiction

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