The author rated this book for 13+ due to some violence and adult themes and as a Moderate rating from the My Book Cave rating system.

Book Three of The Lost Pharaoh Chronicles Series

Scarab in the Storm

#1 New Release in TWO Amazon categories

Secrets in the Sand

"Scarab in the Storm is one of the most intricate, richly detailed and exceptionally well-woven books I have ever read. The execution of the narrative and the plot is excellent. The imagery, descriptions, setting, and dialogues are fitting of the time. I was sucked into the story the moment I read the blurb and I knew it was going to be an epic experience."

- Rabia Tanveer by Readers' Favorite (5 stars)

"Author Lauren Lee Merewether is sure to captivate those who, clearly like her, are fascinated and enchanted by the complex and dangerous world of ancient Egypt and its cut-throat society. The dramatic plot of the novel is nicely wound around elements of real history and poignant constructions to relay the fraught political tensions and grisly battlefields of the time. The tension of the complex conspiracy elements keeps the suspense going and encourages readers into just one more chapter, but there’s also a strong emotional arc and some important character-defining moments for both Tut and Ankhesenamun as the story unfolds. With all these developments working alongside a stunningly atmospheric backdrop, which is almost cinematic in its description, what results is a fantastic read that no history fan should be without. Scarab in the Storm is a highly recommended novel."

- K.C. Finn by Readers' Favorite (5 stars)

​"Lauren Lee Merewether has done her homework in researching ancient Egypt and the author explores the traditions and way of life of the people with unique brilliance. The culture comes out colorfully and readers get insights into the day-to-day life of the royal family. The historical elements are scattered throughout the story and the conflict is built around a powerful conspiracy. Scarab in the Storm is written in prose that is crisp and I enjoyed how the author allows the mystery that is Egypt to come out in the narrative. The characters are elaborately developed and I enjoyed the backgrounds and the role that each plays in the story. This novel brings to life a forgotten world and unveils the beauty and trials of ancient Egypt."

- Ruffina Oserio by Readers' Favorite (5 stars)

Egypt is divided and conspiracy runs deep—the boy King Tut inherits a nation of chaos, and his wife, Queen Ankhesenamun, is desperate to earn his trust.

Pharaoh Tutankhamun must decide Egypt’s path amid political turmoil and corruption while Queen Ankhesenamun struggles to convince Pharaoh that their lives are at stake.

With truth shrouded in mystery, doubt attacks the royalty as a power mercilessly pursues the crown. Egypt’s fate is determined by Pharaoh’s and Queen Ankhesenamun’s success or failure in the coming storm.

A Strategic Murder,

A Desperate Act,

  A Broken Heart,

One Last Fight for the Crown