Publisher: LLMBooks Publishing
Published: March 2020
ISBN-13: 979-8621192891
Genre: Historical Fiction

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The author rated this book for ages 13+ due for violence and adult themes.

Book Three of The Lost Pharaoh Chronicles Series


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Egypt is divided and conspiracy runs deep—the boy King Tut inherits a nation of chaos, and his wife, Queen Ankhesenamun, is desperate to earn his trust.

Pharaoh Tutankhamun must decide Egypt’s path amid political turmoil and corruption while Queen Ankhesenamun struggles to convince Pharaoh that their lives are at stake.

With truth shrouded in mystery, doubt attacks the royalty as a power mercilessly pursues the crown. Egypt’s fate is determined by Pharaoh’s and Queen Ankhesenamun’s success or failure in the coming storm.

A Strategic Murder,

A Desperate Act,

  A Broken Heart,

One Last Fight for the Crown