Secrets in the Sand

​Coming AUGUST 27, 2019!

1335 B.C. Egypt is failing. Allies are leaving. War is inevitable.

The power struggle for the throne should have ended long ago, but yet it rages onward shrouded in conspiracy and murder.  

Pharaoh Akhenaten's plan to regain power from the priesthood of Amun is done, but his religious zeal has stripped the economy and the people's morale.   

Whisperings of rebellion fill the streets as enemies close in on Egypt's borders leaving Nefertiti to fend off political wolves as she attempts to stabilize the nation and keep her crown.  ​

Fans of political and bloodthirsty dramas like Game of Thrones are sure to dive right into the conspiracy and murder amongst the pages of Secrets in the Sand in just the same, compelling way...The personal story arc of the royals and their enemies is well delivered against a more wide-reaching backdrop of war, succession, and control, and when both storylines converge it produces a page-turning frenzy to the conclusion that readers will devour. Overall, Secrets in the Sand is a superb continuation of a fantastic and immersive historical series. - Readers' Favorite​ (K.C. Finn)

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A Failing Country,

A Cunning Rival,

  A Strategic Murder,

One Unimaginable Response

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Book Two of The Lost Pharaoh Chronicles Series