1335 B.C. Egypt is failing. Allies are leaving. War is inevitable.

The power struggle for the throne should have ended long ago, but yet it rages onward shrouded in conspiracy and murder.  

Pharaoh Akhenaten's plan to regain power from the priesthood of Amun is done, but his religious zeal has stripped the economy and the people's morale.   

Whisperings of rebellion fill the streets as enemies close in on Egypt's borders leaving Nefertiti to fend off political wolves as she attempts to stabilize the nation and keep her crown.  

This future she knows for certain - the great sun city will be her undoing.

Amidst a power struggle between Pharaoh and the priesthood of Amun, Queen Nefertiti helps the ill-prepared new Pharaoh, Amenhotep, enact his father's plan to regain power for the throne. But what seemed a difficult task only becomes more grueling when Amenhotep loses himself in his radical obsessions.

Standing alone to bear the burden of a failing country and stem the tide of a growing rebellion, Nefertiti must choose between her love for Pharaoh and her duty to Egypt in this dramatic retelling of a story forgotten by time.


The first of the The Lost Pharaoh Chronicles Prequel Collection following Royal Wife Kiya before her voyage to the great Egypt as a bride to Pharaoh Amenhotep III.

Her future is pending.

The Mitanni Princess Tadukhipa weighs her options: happiness in exile and poverty, death in prison, or a luxurious life of loneliness.

Cursed to love a servant and practice a servant's trade, Tadukhipa rebels against her father, the King Tustratta, for a chance to change her destiny.